Adventure Mountain-Canopy Zipline-Utah Ropes Course

Utah Ropes Course and Zipline

Adventure Glide now offers a High and Low Ropes Course, Canopy Zipline, and Adventure Mountain in Marysvale, UT! These activities are designed to build self confidence and promote teamwork through a series of activies and elements that will challenge each individual.

All activities are located near Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort, just 5 miles from Marysavle, UT.

These new Utah Ropes Courses and Ziplines are perfect for individuals, Youth Groups, Church Groups, Scouting Groups, Corporate Groups and any other group of people looking for fun, adventure, and team building.

Adventure Mountain and Zipline
Cross a Cable Bridge to Adventure Mountain. Climb your way across the mountain using a series of hand and footholds in the mountain (you'll be wearing a harness attached to a safety cable of course!), until you reach the top. Once at the top, hold on for your 400' zipline to the bottom! This activity is based on the Via Ferrata model, an Italian word that means 'road with irons'.
Canopy Zipline
Climb to the top of the wall and start your zipline adventure including 4 ziplines, ending with your 300' flight across the Sevier River! Ziplines range in length from 85-300 feet and your adrenaline will definitely be rushing as you make your way along the course. You will, of course, be wearing safety equipment like helmets and harnesses, to make sure you zip your way with no worries.
Ropes Course
Participants will engage in activities that challenge them physically and mentally, as they work together to challenge themselves to complete each element. It is common knowledge that people learn best by experience, and Adventure Glides uses Experential Education to allow people to reach their full potential while engaging in activities that are not just fun (and they ARE a blast!), but also helpful to them in their every day lives.
Can't decide which activity to choose? That's okay, we also have several combination packages that include 2 activities,and save you money too! Check out the pricing tab for more information.


Activity Price per person
Adventure Mtn/Zipline $25
Canopy Zipline $29
Ropes Course $25
Combo:Adventure Mtn/Rafting $49
Combo:Adventure Mtn/Canopy Zipline $39
Combo:Canopy Zipline/Ropes Course $39
Under 18 Must have Parent or Guardian Present
No High Heels, Flip Flops, Sandals, or Open Toed Shoes
Boots, Sturdy Shoes or Sneakers only
Deposit of 20% of total reservation cost is due upon booking
Reservation must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to tour date.
Unless other arrangements are made, the balance of the reservation will be charged to your card 7 days prior to tour date.
Cancellations made 7+ days in advance of tour date will receive a refund of deposit paid.
Cancellations made 3-6 days in advance of tour date will receive a 50% refund. If reservation has NOT been paid in full, and you cancel 3-6 days prior to tour date, deposit will be forfeited and no refunds will be due.
Cancellations made 2 or less days prior to tour date receive no refunds.

Please click here to read the Rules-Policies-Requirements for most tours.

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NOTE: To book a Combo Package, please choose the COMBO ITEM BELOW, then choose your individual activities on the next page. . When reservation is received, office will apply the necessary discounts to make sure you receive the COMBO PRICING. Activities do NOT have to be completed on the same day to receive the COMBO PRICING!

If you prefer, you may also call us between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm PST, 7 days per week